These activities are independently operated by DIY Blockbusters. They are not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with, or anyone associated with "Star Wars", "Halloween", "Gremlins", "Back to the future" and "Mad Max". Any content produced is for parody only and is proteced under fair dealing in the Copyright and the Related Rights act 2000.


Be the Star of your Favourite Movie!


We combine Teambuilding with Movie Making! From the shyest person to the most outgoing; DIY Blockbusters has something for everyone.


Your group will make a short remake of their favourite film using low budget effects and improvised props. We use green screen technology to take your group to any location. The result will be a short parody of the film; illustrating their newly learned filmmaking skills, teamwork and shared goal.


No Experience Necessary!


The facilitator will guide them in writing, directing, acting for camera and filming their own Homemade Masterpiece!

After the day of teambuilding is complete; the group will watch the footage they recorded and rejoice in their efforts. A link to the edited film will then be sent to them.


We offer a teambuilding experience that breaks through social barriers, offers new skills and tasks for personal development, strengthens morale and builds a team with a focus on ingenuity

and creativity and most importantly...Fun!

"Here's one we prepared earlier"