These activities are independently operated by DIY Blockbusters. They are not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with, or anyone associated with "Star Wars", "Halloween", "Gremlins", "Back to the future" and "Mad Max". Any content produced is for parody only and is proteced under fair dealing in the Copyright and the Related Rights act 2000.

How Many can do it?

We recommend groups of 10-15 people. The smaller the group the more intimate the bonding experience. However if you have larger or smaller groups; we can accommodate you, please feel free to reach out for a quote.

Where can you do it?

If you prefer to work from your building we can come to you or we can rent an appropriate space. We tend to use large boardrooms to accommodate the 7ft Green screen and Lighting equipment.

How long does it take?

It takes 4 hours in total.

Do you need any prior experience?

No. We provide a full workshop to get you to grips with acting and presenting for camera.

Who will see the final video?

A private link to the video will be emailed to you along with the password. It will not be published or shared anywhere publicly.

Do you have to bring anything?

No, just yourself. We provide all the arts and crafts materials and equipment.

*We do recommend you avoid wearing Green clothing on the day as we are using a green screen.