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Dan ran the Irish National division of the European Youth Parliament* for nearly 10 years. He has facilitated conferences in Norway, Switzerland and Berlin. He has been apart of the team building experience from delegate to Chair to President of International conferences. 


*EYP- European Youth Parliament ( is a non-profit organisation whose prime goal is to provide a forum for discussion and debate for young Europeans so they can embrace their rights and take action through their vote. It allows young voices to be heard on an international stage.


Dan began work with EYP in 2004, by 2006 he was made an International Chair attending conferences all over Europe and by 2009 he was made President of the Connacht/Ulster Session. Running this organization has made him extremely resourceful and responsible for many large projects.




While Dan was on the committee; EYP expanded the reach of the programme to disadvantaged areas and sought to close the divide between Northern and Southern Ireland by introducing a sharing scheme where we could send delegates from the North to represent us on an international stage. 


Dan has combined the strongest elements of the EYP experience with the comradery he has experienced on film sets to create a unique teambuilding experience in the form of DIY Blockbusters!


On set of Departure

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On set with Sir Ben Kingsley