These activities are independently operated by DIY Blockbusters. They are not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with, or anyone associated with "Star Wars", "Halloween", "Gremlins", "Back to the future" and "Mad Max". Any content produced is for parody only and is proteced under fair dealing in the Copyright and the Related Rights act 2000.

DIY Blockbusters

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Learn to be your own Movie Maker

DIY Blockbusters is a unique teambuilding experience.


Each group will participate in a day filled with teambuilding exercises; culminating in the main event; they'll make their own DIY BLOCKBUSTER!

The group will choose their favourite movie and make a 2 minute homemade parody of the film. They will design and make their own props and costumes out of household items.


They will assign a director (leader) and divide up the workforce into key roles (acting, design, props). This is a problem solving task that focuses on imagination and ingenuity and is ultimately great fun! The day ends with the group watching the footage they have made. The footage is then edited into a short movie and sent via private link to the group to cherish for years to come. 

DIY Blockbusters is a terrific way to build a group dynamic and generate fun memories for the future!

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